Disney Cruise Line
Onboard Credit

When you book your Disney Cruise Line holiday with us, we offer three great benefits to you:

  • Lock in your cruise fare in Australian Dollars allowing you to budget without the worry of currency fluctuations.
  • Get yourself some onboard credit to treat yourself once on board. Your onboard credit can be used towards shore excursions arranged through Disney Cruise Line, spa treatments, a tropical beverage, purchase photos that are taken on board to remember your special time or grab a souvenir. 
  • Our first-hand knowledge of cruising with Disney at no additional cost to you.

On Board Credit

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Disney Cruise Fare*

On Board Credit in USD

Under $1000


$1000 to $1999


$2000 to $2999


$3000 to $3999


$4000 to $4999


$5000 to $5999


$6000 to $6999


$7000 to $7999


$8000 to $8999


$9000 to $9999


$10000 to $10999


$11000 to $11999


$12000 to $12999


$13000 to $13999


$14000 to $14999


$15000 to $15999


$16000 to $16999


$17000 to $17999


$18000 to $18999


$19000 to $19999


$20000 and up


What if I already have a Disney Cruise Booked?

If you booked your Disney Cruise in the past 3 weeks, and have only paid the deposit we can arrange to transfer the booking to us and we can offer a reduced onboard credit.  Contact us to find out more.   Also if you book your next Disney Cruise whilst onboard your trip, and transfer the booking to us we also offer this reduced onboard credit to your booking on top of any booking bonuses you get on board.

Reduced On Board Credit for Transferred Reservations or those booked onboard a Disney Ship 
Disney Cruise Fare*On Board Credit in USD
Under $1000$0
$1000 to $1999$25
$2000 to $2999$50
$3000 to $3999$75
$4000 to $4999$100
$5000 to $5999$125
$6000 to $6999$150
$7000 to $7999$175
$8000 to $8999$200
$9000 to $9999$225
$10000 to $10999$250
$11000 to $11999$275
$12000 to $12999$300
$13000 to $13999$325
$14000 to $14999$350
$15000 to $15999$375
$16000 to $16999$400
$17000 to $17999$425
$18000 to $18999$450
$19000 to $19999$475
$20000 and up$500

MOUSE TRAVELLER ONBOARD CREDIT OFFER TERMS AND CONDITIONS: *2020 – 2021 Onboard credit amount is listed in US Dollars and is based on the cruise fare only in its USD value and does not include taxes, government fees, insurance, transfers, airfare, hotel stays, shore excursions or gratuities. Valid on qualifying new 2020 – 2021 Disney Cruises booked now through  31 December 2021.

Onboard Credit cannot be combined for multiple reservations and will apply to each individual sailing. Offer is subject to change without notice.

If your Disney Cruise reservation is modified before or after final payment and this results in a price change, the Onboard Cruising Credit amount will be adjusted accordingly. Complimentary upgrades from Disney do not constitute a change in Onboard Credit amount. If a cruise reservation is cancelled at any time, the Onboard Cruising Credit Offer is null and void and cannot be transferred or redeemed as cash.

Any unused Onboard Credit is not redeemable for cash, credit or refund. No exceptions. The Onboard Cruising Credit can be used for most valid charges incurred while on the Disney Cruise including gratuities, alcoholic beverages, Disney organized shore excursions, shipboard and Castaway Cay spa treatments, photographs, souvenirs and activities on Castaway Cay and the Disney Cruise. The onboard credit is not valid for purchases in port or shore excursions that are not arranged by Disney Cruise.

All terms and conditions are subject to change without notice.